* Attain high quality and provide better value to our customers for their money.

* Achieve continual improvement in our processes through effective implementation of QMS and the utilization of Latest Technology.

* Provide safe, clean & helpful working environment to our staff & workers.


We give the awareness to our staff & workers about safety rules, i.e.


  1. Before start the work safety talk should be arranged.

  2. Safety ware must be worn at all time when working in shop / at site.

  3. Personal protective equipment is designated to suit different operation; this must be worn where necessary.

    Use pent shirt or dangri for fabrication & erection.
    For cutting must use face shield with green glasses.
    For grinding face shield or goggle with side cover.
    For hot work & sharp edge must worn gloves.

  4. All tools used shall be in good condition and fit for purpose.

  5. Electrical tools, equipments, lighting, welding & extension leads etc shall be free of defect and shall be fitted with a suitable plug.

  6. All equipment with rotating elements must be suitably guarded.

  7. Fire extinguishers must installed in the workshop & vehicles.

  8. Smoking is strictly prohibited in workshop & sites.

  9. Good housekeeping clean up after yourself & put the waste in the correct container. Workers must remove all waste you create in the cources of your work, & dispose of it in the correct area or container.
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